Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Some Very Important Bathroom Cleaning Tips

In this article, you will know about some very important bathroom cleaning tips. So, if you are interested in knowing about it then keep reading.

We’d all want our bathrooms to be immaculate and not need frequent cleaning, but the truth remains that bathrooms become filthy. Worse, they get so filthy that even the homeowners are horrified to use them! Whatever your bathroom’s dirt-o-meter rating is, anything less than clean is not suitable for visitors and is highly unsanitary for you and your family members.

You’ve probably been cleaning your bathrooms as and when required, using the same cleaning procedures and products that result in a clean, decent-looking bathroom, like most homeowners. But what if you had a few techniques up your sleeve to make your bathroom glitter and your fixtures appear like new again? Is it too wonderful to be true? No, it isn’t! You’ll have to see it to believe it with these fantastic bathroom cleaning methods!

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

1. Shine brightly!

There are two primary approaches to cleaning bathroom floors: utilizing a commercial cleaning product or making your own solution. With a store-bought product, you just sprinkle the cleaning solution on the floor and scrub the tiles with a bathroom brush. Similarly, you may clean using a paste made of 2 parts baking soda, 1 part borax, and 1-2 parts water with an ordinary bathroom brush. This homemade solution is excellent for cleaning grout and dirt between tiles. While these procedures will make your bathroom floors clean and grout-free, they will not give them a gloss or sparkle. However, after cleaning and drying your bathroom floors, rub them with lemon oil or furniture polish. They make your bathroom tiles sparkle like you never imagined possible! You just need to spray the floor and buff it with a soft, microfiber cloth.

2. A Clean Toilet Bowl? Please, yes!

We’re not going to dive into the nitty gritty of toilet bowl stains; instead, we’ll show you how to use auto wax to avoid stains for weeks on end. Prepare yourself; this requires patience, hard effort, and a high tolerance for dirt. To thoroughly remove the stains, clean the toilet bowl as usual using a liquid bowl cleanser and a toilet brush. After that, shut the main flush tank valve and hold down the lever to flush (drain) out all the water. Rinse the bowl by putting a few cups of water into it and emptying it. Then, using an old towel, thoroughly dry the inside. For the task, use a polymer-based auto wax, which lasts longer than conventional toilet bowl solutions. Apply the wax to the inside of the bowl using a cotton towel and allow for 20 minutes before opening the valve and refilling the bowl with water. It’s also a good idea to add half a cup of distilled white vinegar to the bowl once a month to avoid water rings.

3. Shower Curtains You Can Use Again!

Because of the increased humidity and moisture in bathrooms, it’s difficult to keep mildew and filth from accumulating on your shower curtains. To clean them, remove them and combine a solution of half a cup vinegar and half a cup borax in two cups of warm water. Allow this solution to remain on the curtain for 10 minutes before cleaning it clean with a sponge. You’ll want to maintain your shower curtains clean and bacteria-free for as long as possible now that they’re clean. Make a saltwater solution in your tub or a big bucket and soak your curtains for approximately 30 minutes before hanging them back up. 2-4 cups of salt in just enough water to saturate the curtains, depending on the size of the curtain or how many you soak at a time.

4. Bathroom Accessories That Shine

Your bathroom fixtures, which were once the most gleaming components of your bathroom, are now second only to the flooring in terms of being filthy and discolored. On a regular basis, they are soiled with soap scum, toothbrush stains, and water markings. Here’s an excellent method for restoring their luster (and surprisingly keep them that way for longer than usual). To begin, scrub the fixtures with an old toothbrush and baking soda. You may use baking soda dry or in a paste, but be sure to brush (scrub) the fixtures thoroughly to eliminate stains. To bring them back to life, try the following:

  • For chrome or nickel fixtures, dry the faucets, then take a clean, moist cloth and dab it with vinegar. Wipe clean your bathroom fixtures with this, then rub them dry with a microfiber towel.
  • For copper or stainless steel fixtures, you may use a store-bought cleaning agent designed for these metals, or you can polish them with club cola! Club soda’s acid composition revitalizes tarnished bathroom fixtures, restoring their luster to the day they were installed.

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