How To Clean A Bong

How To Clean A Bong : Know About Top 3 Methods Completely

In this article, you will know about How To Clean A Bong. So, if you are interested in knowing about it, then keep reading this article. Nothing ruins the flavor of excellent smoke like a filthy bong. Fortunately, there are several extremely simple and dependable methods for thoroughly cleaning your bong. Do a basic cleaning, get those difficult areas and stains, and take careful care of your bong to clean and store it.

Method 1: Perform a Basic Cleaning

1. Gather items. You must first gather the following goods before cleaning your bong: a sink or basin; natural salt, rice, or baking soda; rubbing alcohol, vinegar, or another cleanser; and clean water As well as latex gloves.

  • Glass cleaners are also effective. Aqua Glass Works Cleaner or Wellcann Glass Cleaner can be used.
  • Cleaning solutions for bongs may also be purchased at a head store. The pink formula is one option.

2. Fill the bong with lukewarm water after washing it. Empty your bong as much as you can while wearing latex gloves. Remove any wasted weed and pour the old bong water. To eliminate any leftover solid particles, carefully wash with lukewarm water. Finally, fill the bong portion with the hot water that you will be using.

3. Take apart your bong. Separate it so that each individual component may be cleaned. Remove anything that moves, including the pipe and the facade. Check for any damage, like as chips or cracks, before separating your bong. Before your bong may be utilised, the broken sections must be replaced.

4. Fill your bong with coarse salt and alcohol. Then, in the bottom of the bong, place an abrasive and a cleanser to work together to clean the inside. It is normally better to use native salt and isopropyl alcohol, however vinegar, rice, and baking soda may also be used. The more potent the booze, the better. You’ll probably utilize more than 90% of one.

  • You may also use something like Formula 420, in which case you should avoid salt. Pour this out and proceed as normal.

5. Plug and jiggle the holes. So that your abrasions and cleaner don’t create too much problem, plug or obstruct the open holes of the bong with your hands, fingers, and thumb. Shake for around five minutes to get the best results.

6. Rinse it off and do it again. Pour the cleaning solution into a sink and thoroughly rinse with clean water. You may repeat the cleaning procedure as many times as you wish, but one is generally enough.

Method 2: Removing Tough Stains and Areas

1. Soak your bong in lukewarm water with dish soap for 10 minutes. If your bong is exceptionally filthy, soak it in warm water with a sprinkle of dish soap in a sink, basin, or bathtub. Allow your bong to soak for at least one hour before beginning the cleaning procedure.

  • Dish soap should be used sparingly. If you use your bong excessively, it may taste nasty the next time you smoke.

2. Place tiny pieces in plastic bags to soak. Place all of your bong’s little bits in resealable bags with a spoonful of country salt. Fill a clean bag with enough rubbing alcohol to thoroughly cover the pieces. Shake the bags for a few seconds before dipping the pieces. Wash them off with clean water afterwards.

3. Make use of a cotton swab or a pipe cleaner. Scrub the nooks and corners of your bong using disposable cotton swabs or pipe cleaners, where the resin and water discoloration is tough to reach and remove. Scrub them after dipping them in rubbing alcohol.

4. Use lemon juice to remove the white streaks. Wrap some warm water and lemon juice around the bottom of your bong to simply remove the white spots. Then, rinse your bong with cold water.

Method 3: Maintaining Your Bong

1. Fill your bong with purified water. Water stains in your bong may be caused by minerals in tap water and unfiltered spring water. To avoid this, always smoke with filtered water. It is best to clean your bong with filtered water, or to rinse it with filtered water after cleaning.

2. Change the water in your bong on a daily basis. Your bong will stay cleaner if you replace the water in it every day. Mold may grow in your bong if it contains old water. It’s horrible, but mold implies mold stains, which will make cleaning your bong more difficult.

3. Once a week, clean your bong. This is another another method for preventing mould growth and, eventually, mold scars. To maintain your bong clean, try to clean it at least once a week.

4. Always store your bong in a bong bag or sturdy case. Because your bong is constructed of glass, it is prone to breaking and cracking if you are not careful. Consider placing your bong in a secure bag or container while storing and transporting it to avoid damage.

Warnings Regarding How To Clean A Bong

  • If you’re cleaning it in a sink, be cautious. Resin may coat the sink, making it tough to clean.
  • Because most cleansers are combustible, never use them while smoking.

Conclusion (How To Clean A Bong)

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