How To Clean A Throw Pillow

Know Everything About How To Clean A Throw Pillow

Throw pillows may bring together different-colored elements in carpets, home decor items, and living room couches, providing a soft touch to the interior design of your living areas. However, since throw pillows are commonly used for neck and head support, keeping them clean and fresh might be a pain – but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these steps to help you keep your cushions’ brilliant hues almost easily!

Tips For Throw Pillows Cleaning & Maintenance

There are so many tips for throw pillows cleaning & maintenance and some of them that are the key ones are the following which are shown below:

  • The method of cleaning pillows for throws varies based on the type of pillow you own. While some pillows can be tossed into a front-loading washing machine, other pillows require them to be cleaned by hand or spot-cleaning to avoid damage.The initial step involves to determine the best method of cleaning to use for the pillows you have. Check for a manufacturer’s label on the pillow. Some labels will state dry cleaning only. Other might suggest hand washing the pillows using a mild detergent. Others will advise you to only spot clean.
  • If there is no care label available, you must determine the type of fabric. Silks and velvets usually require drying cleaning solutions. For other fabrics, like polyester or cotton simple washing using water can be secure.
  • Perform a spot test on the fabric with an uncolored towel and the appropriate detergent for your fabric. Blot it with the pillow, and then hold at least 30 seconds. Check your towel to see if there is any signs of color transfer, let it air dry and then check again to confirm that the color isn’t faded.
  • Cleaning with sponges is possible for certain throw pillows. They can be cleaned with an upholstery shampoo that is good and a quality sponge. Apply the foam shampoo to the pillows in circular motions and pay particular attention to the piping as well as other crevices. Blot any excess moisture and shampoo on fresh white towels.
  • When dry-cleaning is required then use a clean and dry sponge that has been dipped in Dry cleaning solutions to wash the fabric in similar circular movements making it work into the piping, wrinkles and the pillow’s folds. Blot it off using dry white towelettes that are clean.

How You Can Disinfect Throw Pillows (Tips To Wash The Throw Pillows)

The process of washing throw pillows isn’t difficult, however it is essential to ensure that you get the pillows completely dry before you use them again. Here are a few suggestions:

  • First, remove the covers and clean them separately from the cushion.
  • Apply a pretreatment solution to stains by rubbing it into the stain using the help of a sponge.
  • Machine wash with warm water with an automatic front loader on the gentle cycle. Use mild detergent.
  • Dry in a ventilated area until you are most all the way dried.
  • Toss the pillows into a dryer that isn’t heated and a couple of dryer balls to shape the pillows.

How You Can Keep Your Throw Pillows Clean For Longer

Cleaning or dusting your throw pillows when you clean your upholstery will ensure they don’t require cleaning for a long period of time. Additionally, having pillows that are covered in matching colours makes it simpler to wash them frequently particularly if they’re machine washable. You won’t have to worry about dark dyes getting mixed in together with whites that are lighter. Also, make sure to keep difficult to clean pillows above the ground, and in places that are difficult to reach in areas where cats, dogs and children’s feet don’t get soiled frequently.


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