9 Signs That You Are In Toxic Workplace

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1. Unclear Expectations

Your manager does not clearly communicate expectations or provide feedback on your work.

2. Lack of Support

Your employer does not provide the necessary resources, tools, or support for you to do your job effectively.

3. Low Morale

Co-workers are constantly complaining and morale is low.

4. Intimidation and Fear

You feel intimidated and fearful of speaking up or voicing your opinion.

5. Abusive Behavior

You experience abusive or hostile behavior from your employer or co-workers.

6. Unhealthy Competition

You feel extreme pressure to compete with your co-workers.

7. Unfair Policies

Policies are constantly changing or are not followed fairly.

8. Unreasonable Demands

Your employer or co-workers expect too much from you.

9. Negative Work Environment

The environment is toxic, hostile, and full of stress.

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