Astrologers top Zodiac sign for hurting feelings

It is thought that these zodiac signs are the most likely to cry in public, from those who get a little teary at sentimental objects to those who start tearing up irrationally.


The depth of their feelings sometimes prevents them from understanding what is going on. It is normal for people to cry when they are hurt by others or by themselves. It does not matter how happy they are, they always cry.


Pisces have a tendency to pick up on the energy and feelings of those around them, making them perhaps the most intuitive of all signs. The moment anyone in front of them cries, they will start crying as well. Seeing an animal in pain will make them cry as well.


Their emotions are always on display, and they are not afraid to tell you how you have hurt or angered them. Passion is the hallmark of their personalities, so they crave feelings and emotions deep and intense.


The sign of Aries is known for its fearlessness. Their passion, independence, and confidence are unmatched. It is the stubborn nature of Aries that refuses to give up until they get what they want. Because of this, they cry when things don't go according to plan.


Libra's tears don't come from a genuine place of sadness, which makes them an interesting case. Their emotional reactions can be adjusted according to the expectations of those around them since they are obsessed with balance and keeping everyone happy around them.


Eventually, those bottled-up feelings will combust, causing them to cry loudly and shocking those around them.

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