List of Foods That Are Really Healthy For Teeth & Gums

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1. Fresh fruits and vegetables

Keeping teeth clean and healthy with crunchy and fiber-rich fruits and vegetables can help reduce plaque buildup.

2. Milk, yogurt, dairy

The benefits of calcium-rich foods extend far beyond your teeth, but did you know that they also help with other aspects of your oral health?

3. Water

As water washes away food particles regularly, drinking plenty of water throughout the day keeps teeth clean and healthy. To maintain gum health, it is important to prevent plaque from building up.

4. Sugar-free gum

Keeping your teeth clean between meals is easy with Sugar Free Gum. Make sure the product is sugar-free.

5. Tea

Tea contains polyphenols, which can help to prevent plaque formation, which in turn reduces the risk of cavities and inflammation in the soft tissues of the mouth.

6. Nuts

The nutrients found in almonds, such as calcium, encourage healthy teeth and gums because they have a low sugar content, high fiber content, and are high in fiber.

7. Whole grains

Among the foods that contribute to gum health and reduction of periodontal disease risk are whole grains.

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