The Best House for Your Zodiac Sign

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"When it comes to home, there are few sentimental places as meaningful as your childhood bedroom or first apartment. And purchasing your first home is one of life's most significant moments.

Aries: Contemporary

It's no secret that Aries is one of the most ambitious zodiac signs. Working hard and reminding everyone about your success is one of your favorite things to do. A trendy contemporary house is the best choice for you.

Taurus: Tudor

There is no doubt that Taurus is a very picky sign of the zodiac. It's hard to convince you to change your mind about what you like. Because Tudors allow Taurus to ground themselves, they are perfect for them

Gemini: Split-Level

When babies born under the sign of Gemini are teased about not taking time to relax, it's because they never take time out for themselves. In a split-level, Gemini will have plenty of room to play and get into trouble.

Cancer: Farmhouse

Despite what you might think, you are probably the pickiest sign when it comes to home styles. Your zodiac sign indicates a sentimental nurturer. This sensitive sign would enjoy a farmhouse-style home with a pool and a nice wrap-around porch as a place to relax and unwind.

Leo: Penthouse Loft

Having fun is all that matters to you, Leo. Your sign is known for its extroversion, which makes you love socializing as well as being the center of attention. Leo will love a penthouse to display all his fine art and collectibles.

Virgo: Cottage

A good career, good health, and good friends are all you need to be happy. Virgo can truly embrace their style and decor in a modest cottage-style home.

Pisces: Beach Bungalow

You tend to overextend yourself to help others as the empathetic and intuitive zodiac sign. It feels like you are experiencing every emotion at the same time. Pisces will enjoy beach bungalows because of their rustic charm.

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