Zodiac Signs Who Are Best At Lying

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Don't get taken in by the Virgo. Yes, the earth sign is sometimes overlooked, yet Virgo possesses all of the cunning and wit of the finest lying sign.


Because of their tremendous influence, they can tell people precisely what they want to hear.


When a Leo decides to lie, they will devote their whole efforts to bringing their version of the truth to life.


Nobody understands how to tell a sad narrative like Cancer. When confronted with the truth, Cancers often resist admitting guilt or even strike out in order to deflect.


Geminis aren't inherently more likely to lie, but when they do, reality and fiction merge.


Taurus is governed by the second house of values, which indicates that their morals are very important to them.


A Taurus has no trouble spinning a yarn every now and then if they feel it would assist them attain a goal.

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